since 2017            Postdoctoral Researcher, project Flora Ruchat Roncati at the ETH Zurich, 1985-2002: Professor, Architect, Theorist, Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich

2016 – 2017           Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture gta, ETH Zurich.

2014 – 2016           SNF Marie Heim Vögtlin Postdoctoral Researcher, Chair for the History of Urban Design, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture gta, ETH Zurich.

2008 – 2013           Senior Lecturer in History and Theory of Architecture, Kingston University, UK

2009                         RIBA President’s Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis

2003 – 2008           PhD in History and Philosophy of Architecture, University of Cambridge

2002 – 2003           Masters in Philosophy, University of Cambridge (Distinction)

2001                         Professional Practice Examination, South Bank University. RIBA Part 3.

2000 – 2002           Teaching assistant, Kingston University

1999 – 2002           Architect, Herzog & de Meuron UK, London

1998 – 1999           Architectural assistant, Caruso St John Architects, London

1996 – 1998           Diploma Architecture (Distinction), University of North London. RIBA Part 2.

1993 – 1994           University of Nottingham, UK

1991 – 1995           Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture, Bucharest


Research topics

History of urban housing;

Contemporary architecture and criticism, with focus on Switzerland and the UK;

Professional status of the architect;

Gender parity and the place of women in architecture;

The relation between architectural pedagogy and practice.


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Contributions to books

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