A late review of an early lecture on Flora Ruchat-Roncati by Eliana Perotti and Katia Frey

"Making Difference: Architecture of Gender" was a seminar organized by Torsten Lange an Gabrielle Schaad at ETH Zurich in the fall semester 207, as the first of a series of interdisciplinary courses on architectural theory that examined architecture and the environment with a special focus on neglected aspects, such as sexual orientation, queerness, and diversity.

This review by a seminar participant is a late echo of the lecture "Doing Research on Woman Architects – Problems and Potentials: Flora Ruchat-Roncati at ETH" by Eliana Perotti and Katia Frey in November 2017. Even though delivered at an early stage of the research project, the lecture already addressed all important methodological challenges and issues for defining the research topics that allowed us to reach our aim: writing a professional monograph of a woman architect and professor. The final book is in preparation and will be published by the gta Verlag in 2021.

The whole review can be found here at the Making Difference: Architectures of Gender blog.


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