FRR@ETH travels to the US

Our research project will be represented in April 2018 at the prestigious Annual International Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians in Saint Paul. Irina Davidovici and Katrin Albrecht will jointly present the paper Network as process: Flora Ruchat-Roncati’s modes of practice as part of the papers session Life to Architecture: Uncovering Women's Narratives, chaired by Dr. Anna Sokolina and Prof. Paola Zellner Bassett.

This paper frames the device of the ‘network’ as the narrative underlining Ruchat-Roncati’s output as a practitioner and teacher. It argues that her approach combined a rigorous work ethic with a fluid modus operandi, developing a pliant yet resilient network of colleagues and friends through which she could achieve her professional goals alongside theirs. Rather than viewing such a device as coldly instrumental, the argument views this modality of a woman’s practice as poignantly reliant on the supporting network. Regional specificity is also relevant, since such networks shaped Ruchat-Roncati’s role in transcending cultural boundaries, with Italy and within Switzerland itself.